The sessions you delivered were really suited to our children’s needs. They exemplified how children can be safe online and what precautions they should be taking when accessing information and gaming online. You also helped them identify where they have perhaps already been putting themselves at risk online and how they can make themselves safer.

Carmen Palmer, Headteacher


It was just what our school needed. The teaching was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Charlotte, Year 6 Teacher


Iris was very nice and made the complicated stuff into fun and easy learning

E., Year 6 pupil


It was very useful to learn different types of cyberbullying and how to avoid it.

Y., Year 6 pupil


I didn’t realise that people always leave a trail. I will be more careful when posting things on the Internet.

J., year 8 pupil

The sessions made the children aware of the importance of thinking carefully about what they post online and how this could affect their future. We believe that as they join this technological generation as young adults, the class will be more ‘Tech Savvy’. We are so grateful for this essential input which was much needed but very difficult to source anywhere at the moment.

Carmen Palmer, Headteacher

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