The ubiquitous presence of digital media is shaping a whole generation. Rapid technological development is constantly forcing us to redefine the way we think, learn and relate to each other. With our life increasingly dependent on algorithms and AI, it is time to peel our eyes away from the glowing rectangles and rethink what it means to be human.

DigiScope training is a tool to look behind the screen and reflect on the impact the digital world has on us, our families and our work environments. In the sessions we talk in-depth about online safety, emotional wellbeing and social media, gaming addictions, digital footprint etc. Each session can be tailored to the needs of the audience and is based on a solid academic research in the fields of Media, Developmental Psychology, Human Computer Interaction.

The training can be used as part of PSHE education, parent evenings or INSET training for staff within schools. Individual consultations for parents, community groups etc. are also available. Please see Packages section.

Digiscope is fully Insured and DBS checked.

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