Refocus is an essential course for any parent, carer or teacher. During 6 weeks we cover the following topics:

Week 1

Media and its discontents

  • Human communication through generations
  • Why digital media is a game changer
  • The effect of digital media on humans

Week 2


  • How much screen time is too much?
  • How to restore the balance?
  • The impact of screen time on couples and relationships.
  • Practical tips how to stop the constant battles around screen time
  • The impact of excessive screen time on development and mental health of children

Week 3

The (anti)Social media

  • The effect of social media on mental health
  • Cyberbullying, teenage drama, child abuse and inappropriate content
  • How to prevent, to protect and to support
  • Where to find help – useful contacts and resources

Week 4


  • The mechanism of addiction – dopamine cycle and self-control
  • Social media, porn and online gaming
  • How to prevent online addictions
  • Where to find help – useful contacts and resources

Week 5

Digital footprint and parental controls

  • Digital reputation – how what we share impacts our child’s future
  • Privacy and “sharenting”
  • Careers and the future with AI – what skills will be sought after?
  • Parental controls – how to make them work

Week 5

Presentations and Celebration

Families will present their individual family plans for digital use, followed by cupcakes and prosecco.

The participants will be completing a small piece of weekly homework, gradually building up towards their individual family plan for digital use, presented in the final session (presentations are voluntary).

Each participant will have an unlimited opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice tailored to their individual family needs.

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